Sunday was our 1st wedding anniversary. My poor darling sprained an ankle during the week, so our plans were restricted a tad, but it didn’t stop us taking the kids out for a celebratory dinner, and me presenting her with a rather lovely ring (you know, even if I do say so myself…). The kids got into the act too: Blake & Aiden presented us with an amazing candlestick in the shape of a celtic cross and dragon, some small hand made soaps, a bath bomb, and a beautiful glass hummigbird suncatcher. Cassie also presented us with a beautiful bar of scented soap. What are they trying to tell us?

It really doesn’t feel like it’s only been a year. We exist in such hamrony, such amazing sympatico, that it feels as if we’ve always been together. The love and passion we felt for each other when we first became entangled hasn’t diminished. In fact it’s broadened, and deepened, until everything else in the world pales beside it.

The first married year of the rest of our lives, and I couldn’t be happier.


Wandered over to our good friends Grant and Sonia’s on the weekend, as they’re heading off overseas for 5 weeks on Saturday (the lucky jammy jammy lucky bastards) and they’d thrown the house open for a hangout. It was the first time we’d been over, and the boys instantly fell in love with their wall o’ DVDs. And when I say wall, what I mean is: several walls. Floor to ceiling. Many many DVDs. And Grant, being the trusting soul he is, let them borrow as many as they liked. The boys, being trusting souls, only borrowed one.

Tomb Of The Cybermen. Only my favourite Dr Who adventure ever. And I hadn’t even told them beforehand!

That’s my evenings booked this week 🙂


The Ballad of Dwight & Renfield, 6285 words of pulp horror fun, to Steven Savile’s Monster Noir project. Fingers crossed: if he likes it, not only will it be part of one of the most interesting and exciting projects I’ve seen since All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories, Steven might be persuaded to pick up one of my Dr Who story pitches for his next anthology.

Of such things are tiny green dreams made…


Saddened today to learn of the death of Stanislaw Lem at the age of 84. At that age you expect it, I guess, but he was one of my favourite authors, and his absurdist views on the structure of things had a real effect on both my writing and world view over the years. He was one of those authors to whom I reacted with “Oh my God, you can do this as well?” upon first reading of his work, someone who opened my eyes and my literary sensibilities to a myriad of different ways to think and to transcribe my world onto paper.

I’ll sit down with a book and a glass of wine this weekend, and toast his memory.


For all those who have been asking (and thank you to everyone who has) I can now announce that you can order Through Soft Air via the Prime Books Website at last!

Go on then. Don’t let me stop you.

Incidentally, if any reviewers would like a pdf copy to review, drop me a line. I have one I can send you now.


Every now and again, someone arrives at this site via the weirdest search topic.

Yesterday, someone came here by using the search term “Billie Piper videos of her nipples “.


I mean, not that I don’t want one….


A number of people have asked how Connor is going since his operation, and when they’re going to see a picture or two on this blog. The answers are:

a) He’s fine and dandy, although a little bit unsettled by some teething right now. He’s a week away from being allowed to play in the muck and mud again, as there’s still a slight chance of infection, but at this stage it looks as if the operation was a complete success, and our beautiful, happy little boy is now doubly beautiful into the bargain.

b) As soon as ‘Hello’ stops buggerising me about and starts connecting to the network again. And I have such a cute one of him sitting in a bucket, ready to go.

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