We needed a big piece of art to hang in our dining room, and Battersby had himself an idea. Down to the art warehouse to get himself 8 canvasses, draw a design when the Battfam aren’t in the room, gather them round the table, give ’em a canvas each and tell ’em they can’t look at each other’s art and they can’t go over the lines…

What do you get when you combine Aiden’s…

With Cassie’s…


Lyn’s, Connor’s, Erin’s…

One the kids did because there was one left over and they were in a groove…

And mine?

Why, apart from one of the funnest family-togetherness afternoons we’ve had together, and the highlight of our holiday, you get this:

Family art, to hang on our wall forever. And a big fat case of the warm and fuzzies.

Some days, being Dad to a large family has a definite upside.

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