Blake and Cassie go back to their Dad’s house tonight, having spent the last week with us for the school holidays. I’m pretty down about it– this last week’s been a hoot. But one thing that makes me happy is being able to give Blakey-boy a bit of a special gift to take with him.

ASIM 22 arrived in the post yesterday, and it contains my story Blake The God. Which stars, quite obviously for anyone who has ever met him, the B-boy himself.

I’ve been waiting to see this story in print for a little while. It’s a bit of a favourite: it’s funny, light, and (hopefully) is a fairly big signpost to show my fondness for my youngest Bonus Son.

Tangent Online has a positive review. So get yourself a copy, and if you see me out and about with him ask Blakey to sign the story. You’ll just about make his year.

This is your God!