I’ve been organising the bookshelves in the reading room, and I’ve plucked some multiple copies of magazines and anthologies out to offer y’all for sale. We’ve received each of these through both Lyn and I being subscribers or getting multiple contributor’s copies, so the copies I’m offering are as new, and not the ones we’ve flicked through with our greasy, spaghetti-sauce stained thumbs. All prices are plus postage, and I’m happy to organise drop offs, pick ups and otherwise. If you’re going to be at Conflux, tell me and I’ll bring your order with me.

To whit:

Through Soft Air ($24.95): My short story collection, containing 25 stories, including 6 never before seen and 1 you’ll only have seen if you read Serbian J. Includes the Aurealis Award winning “Pater Familias” and AA-nominated “Tales of Nireym”.

Aurealis 36 ($10) rrp: $12.95: Includes my Australian Shadows winning “Father Muerte & The Theft”, as well as Trent Jamieson’s AA-winning “Slow & Ache” and Kim Westwood’s AA-nominated “Terning Tha Weel”. I have multiple copies of this, as well as my collection—buy one of each for $32!

Writers of the Future Volume 18 ($12) rrp $16.95: Contains my story “Carrying The God”, the 1st western Australian winner in this competition.

Consensual 2 ($5): Contains my story “Moment”, as well as Claire McKenna, Robert Hood, Stephen Dedman, and others. This is a speculative fiction erotica anthology, so is not available unless you can prove you’re over 18 J

Consensual 3 ($5): Contains my story “Love Me Electric”, as well as Deb Biancotti, Stephen Dedman, Sean Williams and others As above, a spec-fic erotica anthology.

Gynaezine 2 ($5): The journal of SF Feminism, usually only available as part of Gynaecon, the ‘hidden’ convention that runs underneath Swancon each year. Contains an article by myself and Lyn on “SF & The Single Parent”, as well as Lily Chrywenstrom, Stephen Dedman, Emma Hawkes and others

Word Thirst 2 ($9): A collection of writings by members of the KSP, contains my story “Pass The Parcel” and Lyn’s “Dolphins of Haven Bay”, as well as Andrew Burke, Alicia Sometimes, Kevin Gillam and others

Whispers From the Shattered Forum #11 ($4): US Small press horror magazine, this issue contains my story “Though I Be Stone”

Borderlands 1 ($8) rrp $10: Contains “Through Soft Air”, the title story of my collection, as well as Simon brown, KJ Bishop, Stephen Dedman and others

Borderlands: The Worlds Within ($5): This is the members book for the 1st Borderlands convention and is unavailable any other way. Contains my story “A Star Is Born” as well as contributions from Chris Lawson, Tess Williams, KJ Bishop, Cat Sparks and others.

Encounters ($16) rrp $18.95: The third CSFG Anthology. Contains my story “Vortle”, as well as Trent Jamieson, Carol Ryles, Cat Sparks and others

All-Star Zeppelin Adventure Stories ($20) rrp: $24.95: Contains my story “Silk”, as well as Tobias Buckell, Howard Waldrop, Richard Lupoff, and others. Contains the Hugo-nominated “Biographical Notes to ‘A Discourse on the Nature of Causality, with Air-Planes’ by Benjamin Rosenbaum” by Benjamin Rosenbaum

Tales of the Unanticipated #25 ($8.50): US magazine, contains my story “Father Muerte & the Theft”, as well as Stephen Dedman, Judy Klass, Martha A Hood and others

ASIM 19:Contains an interview with myself and Lyn by Martin Livings, as well as fiction by Jay lake, Bryn Sparks, and others.
ASIM 16: Contains my story “Through The Window, Merrilee Dances”, as well as Tansy Rayner Roberts, Mikal Trimm and others.
ASIM 10: Contains my story “The Hobbyist”, as well as Ruth Nestvold, Mikal Trimm and others
ASIM 7: Contains Lyn’s story “Learned Instincts” as well as Tansy Rayner Roberts, Grant Watson, Juliet Marillier and others.
ASIM 6: Contains my story “Your Mother Likes Monkeys”, as well as Geoff Maloney, Simon Haynes, Dirk Flinthart and others.

All ASIMs are $5. In addition, we have the following issues of ASIM in which we don’t appear: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 9, 12, 13, and 14.

Contact me if you’re interested.


Well, the letter of complaint has been sent to the KSP, and the vicious old bat herself will get her reply sent to her tomorrow. Her response took longer, because it took more effort to maintain a professional demeanour towards her than it does to the centre.

Sigh. Now to move on to funner things, like the first chapter of the new novel that I’ve been mentally stirring around my mind over the weekend.


Luscious has finally started her Certificate Four in Massage course. In three months time she’ll be a fully qualified Massage Therapist. Three months after that (or maybe six, depending on whether she goes full or part time) she’ll have her Diploma in Remedial Massage. After that it’ll be a decision as to whether she wants to branch into a Physiotherapy degree on a part-time basis.

So here’s an invitation. For the duration of her Cert 4 course she’s happy to practice on willing guinea pigs for nix. Anyone who does take advantage of this automatically qualifies for a 50% ‘mates rates’ discount after she’s qualified, ie, they’ll receive the full massage experience for half price. The only thing is, you’ll have to come to the Batthouse in Clarkson. The price of petrol is so high, it’s not worth her while to give away both a massage and petrol. She will be available on Saturdays and Sundays.

At the moment her practice sessions will run for half an hour. As her skills and knowledge base grow, so will the time she takes. At the moment she will be concentrating on back and legs. The massage will be for relaxation, not deep tissue manipulation. This will change as she’s taught new skills. She will only be taking on three clients per day, one morning and two afternoon, so you can email to make a booking.

Free massage. C’mon down!


Who Should Paint You: Andy Warhol
You’ve got an interested edge that would be reflected in any portraitYou don’t need any fancy paint techniques to stand out from the crowd!

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Little Red Riding Hood and her brother, Littler Orange Toddling Hood.

Just because.

Song of the Moment: Dazed & Confused Led Zeppelin