So I’m emailing Aiden’s father as the A-boy has a bout of excema on his knees, and he needs to treat it.

Now, the email said “He’s to wash it with pinetarsol and use Sorbolene to keep it moist.”

The spellchecker, on the other hand, wanted to change it to “He’s to wash it with pinatas and use Caroline to keep it moist.”

I know which one Aiden would prefer 🙂


The Australian Horror website Horrorscope has a really well-balanced and positive review of Through Soft Air for you all to read. You should go here and read it. I particularly love being referred to as ‘hot property’. I’ve never been a crap TV show hosted by a has-been ocker actor before 🙂

I don’t mind if a review praises or pans, as long as it feels like the reviewer has taken the time to balance their view. Horroscope reviewer Mark Smith has done a nice job here: I’m flattered by the positives and can’t argue with the negatives. To me, that’s the sign of a good review.

Of course, having read the review and realised what a brilliant book it is , you should then buy a copy 🙂

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