For various reasons I’ve been feeling a bit grinchy towards science fiction in recent days: a wee touch of the ennuis, if you like. Very little is exciting me, including writing the stuff, and I’ve been turning my mind in other directions. I’m just that bit sick of dealing with a few of my supposed brethren, their egos and expectations, and I’d just rather be at home writing. And writing something else.

Like always, it’ll pass. I’ll lock myself away, stop dealing with the scuts who are getting on my tits, get some words down, and I’ll feel better. We’re down to one kid this weekend, the beautiful C-boy, and apart from a couple of social contacts Luscious and I will be turn and turn about with the boy while the other parent writes. With any luck, that’ll do it.

In the meantime, this morning I started work on the script for The Memory of Breathing Movie. I haven’t worked in script format for something like 15 years, since I left University. I had big plans at that point. Script writing was something I saw as a big part of my future. And I’m bloody well enjoying the change of format, and the change in thinking. This might be something to keep in mind…


The Swancon screening of X-Men III tonight, a Swancon 2008 committee meeting tomorrow night, and we’re dropping in to visit the KSP SF group meeting on Sunday. That should fulfil my social quota for the next quarter…

Song of the moment: Comfortably Numb Pink Floyd

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