…was okay. Nothing special. Sort of a better version of National Treasure, with only having to endure Pasty face Hanks instead of Cigar Store Indian Cage. McKellen and Bettany were great, as was Jurgen Prochnow in a small role (and it’s been a while since I’ve seen him be good). Alfred Molina made the most of a part that seemed to involve nothing more than settling his face onto its haunches and looking at people from under his eyebrows. Everyone else sleepwalked, and I’ve always had a problem with plots based around the idea that the best place to hide something earth-shattering is where anybody could find it. The fact that the two big twists were blindingly obvious from the carpark wasn’t much of a help, either, but then, we’re dealing with the director who made astronauts almost missing the Earth boring, and the screenwriter who gave us Lost in Space, so I should be thankful I didn’t want to kill myself.

One thing I didn’t come away with was an understanding of why everybody in the SF genre seems to hate it so much, unless it’s because we didn’t write it first. It seems exactly the sort of thing many of us would write, had we come up with the idea.

Mind you, that’s only from watching the movie. I haven’t read the book. And, you know, if you manage to bollix up the date of an X-Men screening and still want to go see a movie, there are worse ways to spend your time. I saw a preview for a new Adam Sandler movie, for example…

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