Picked up my contributor copy of ASIM 23 over the weekend, in which you’ll find Instinct, a short story I co-wrote with pal Nigel Read. It’s very different to my usual fare, so have a read.


As of the next hour or so, I’ll be put under the microscope by the good folk at ASiF on their forum. For the next 2 weeks I’ll be answering any question put to me, so if there’s something you’ve always wanted to know but were afraid to ask, take advantage of my recent resolution to engage in nothing in good behaviour, and get over there to ask. I only bite if specifically requested.


Martin Livings’ excellent new novel Carnies is now officially available. I had the honour of channeling Martin at the launch of the book in Canberra (due to extreme Londonny residence on the part of the author) and let me tell you: the book looks gorgeous, reads beautifully, and is, well, fucking good.

Go. Buy. Now.


I’m in two minds at to whether I’m going to post a long con report. if I do, I’ll post it on a separate page and link it. However, as I’ve avowed to sickness of the heart at the gossip and bollocks associated with being a writer in the Australian SF scene, I’m tossing up whether I want to contribute something else for people to bitch over.

That said: the convention was extremely rewarding for me, mostly on a personal basis. Extremely enjoyable in large parts, I owe a huge debt of thanks to the mercurial Dave Luckett for launching Through Soft Air with a speech that both humbled and energised me in equal measures. And for moments beautiful, or touching, or just downright funny, and occasiionally all three, my warmest thanks and love to: Matt Farrer, for spending the day after the Con showing us a Canberra I never expected to see; Lisa; Llyn Triffitt; John & Jo; Launz; Rob & Kate; Kate again for such a beatiful gift; Ellen; and The Pet Dalek Conversationalists (I’ll post the cartoons here as I finish them). I’m sure there are more: I’m still re-adjusting.

But I’m back at home now, with a renewed focus, determination, and set of goals.


3-1. And now, Brazil!