Okay, look, this is all very boring, and unless you’re a big fan of reading long lists of titles and numbers, you’ll probably want to go and look at something far more interesting, but in the interests of completeness: I finally finished the rest of the story fragments and so forth that I found on my trawl through my notebooks, files and folders. Another 50 584 words of incomplete fiction just waiting for me to get off (on?) my arse and do something about them.

That’s a grand total of 72 391 words of public shaming. I am shamed.

So, anyway, the other story fragments are:

When the Petals Fell 118
Fire Gods 290
Mez 269
Say You Remember Me 359
Framed 450
On the Steps Of The Temple 105
And In My head The Words Begin 190
Between A Leaf And A Star 460
A Big Fat Fantasy Story 298
The Hedge Wizard’s Apprentice 278
Dures Tilan 169
The Census Taker 119
My Name Is… 443
The Flat And Atlas-Painted Leaves 320
The Day Before Father Flew Away 510
Can I Keep Him? 226
Alien 71
In The Pit 262
Plant Life 250
Learning German 306
Last Meal 277
Blood And Bone 410
Kinematoscope 514
Cause of Grief 341
Ulurua 303
The Butterfly Ineffectual 304
Death Match du Jour 232
From The End To The Beginning 689
When Immortals Die 532
The Torturer’s Tale 1062
The Following Word 291
Borley 881
Dreaming On The Job 295
Buckley’s Second Chance 264
By The Time You Read This 65
Defending Joan 603
Everybody Dies 81
A Second Coming Of Sorts 1137
Slice 74
The Dragon Solstice 1769
Public Savants 34 967

So there we go. Next time I’ll talk about what I thought of Pirates Of The Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest, which we saw today, and our trip to the zoo, which we’re doing tomorrow. And I’ll post a piccie or two, just to make things interesting again.

But now it’s late, and I’m buggered. Go to bed.

Song of the moment: Dance Me To The End of Love Leonard Cohen

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