Alisa Krasnostein, driving force behind Australian Specfic In Focus, has banded together with the likes of Tansy Rayner Roberts and Gillian Pollack and launched a new speculative fiction ezine.

New Ceres is something slightly different: a shared world ezine, run under Creative Commons licence, where every story and article builds towards a ‘bible’ detailing the life and times of the inhabitants of a Terran-settled planet that has placed severe limitations upon the technology and societal norms under which they live.

It’s a genuinely interesting project, and one I’m taking a long look at submitting to, once the right idea arrives (I have a couple of vague stirrings, but that might just be the muesli I had for breakfast…)

Issue one features fiction by Tansy RR, Maxine McArthur, and Dirk Flinthart, which makes it worth the price of admission, even without all the other cool stuff available. Check it out.

Song of the moment: Modern Love David Bowie

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