Only a week until the Guest of Honour dinner for Fandomedia. Guests of Honour Luscious and Marianne de Pierres, and fan guest Elaine Kemp, will all be in attendance. Tickets are still available.

Details can be had at the Fandomedia website. And if you haven’t yet puchased your tickets for the main event, it starts next Friday, so you’re running out of time. I’ll be there to support Lyn, and both Aiden abnd Blake will be there: their first Con, so if nothing else, you’ll have the chance to watch two hyperactive teenage boys, whacked out on coca cola and crisps, dripping wet from the spa and fatigued from staying up all night in their own hotel room trying to be quiet so they don’t wake their parents in the room next door while they watch Foxtel, running round the con with a couple of disposable cameras, asking a million questions of everyone and trying to touch every toy in the dealer’s room……

You can’t tell me that won’t be fun 🙂

Song of the moment: Save Me The Angels
Reading: Haunted Chuck Palahniuk. Still underwhelmed.

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