Well, we’ve known about one for a while, but congratulations to everyone who will be attending Clarion South in January of 2007. I look forward to making you cry like kicked infants 🙂

The good news for me, as a tutor, is that, with the exception of Lyn and Jessica Vivien, I’m completely unfamiliar with the people on the list. This means I can come to them free of expectations and accept their work for what it is, rather than I what I feel it should be. I’m really looking froward to getting to Queensland, meeting everybody, and getting stuck into the fun business of hard-core writing geekery.

The full list of attendees:

Lyn Battersby (our house)
Elizabeth Adkins (VIC)
Peter Ball (QLD)
Alessio Besciani (VIC)
Daniel Braum (USA)
Michele Cashmore (QLD)
Melaina Faranda (NSW)
Jason Fischer (SA)
Laura Gooden (NSW)
Chris Green (VIC)
Michael Greenhut (USA)
Jess Irwin (NSW)
Chris Lynch (QLD)
Ben Maulbeck (USA)
Richard Pitchforth (QLD)
Angela Slatter QLD)
Jason Stokes (ACT)
Jessica Vivien (WA)

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