Apparently, October Friday the 13th has been designated the Horror Day of Action. Of course it has. Buy the t-shirt now.

Anyway, Fantastic Planet bookstore in Shafto Lane will play host to a series of readings from fantasy and horror writers from 6pm. Luscious and I will be there to read, as will the likes of Stephen Dedman and Carol Ryles. Shadowed Realms editor Angela Challis will MC the event, which will be nice as it’ll save me from having to do it.

Free alcohol will be in plentiful supply, and Fantastic Planet is the best place in the state to buy speculative fiction, bar none, so bring some cash and get a fix. Apart from being the only place around, besides my house, to get a copy of Through Soft Air, the walls are covered with work from the best in the business, so if you’ve already got a copy of my book, you can console yourself with some Landsdale, or Bloch, or Matheson, or Palahniuk, or if you’ve really lost the will to live, King.

Song of the Moment: The Pretty Things are Going to Hell David Bowie
Reading: some-old, same-old.

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