So it’s been almost a year since I sent the 3 chapter and synopsis package of Napoleone’s Land to the agent. Sent a query in June: no response. Sent another a week ago, saying that if I didn’t receive news by the end of the month, I was pulling the submission.

This morning, I received an email from someone else at the agency. And this is what it said:

Dear Lee,
I am sorry to have to give you bad news — (Agent) departed from this agency back in May.
Unfortunately, he left many loose ends and did not inform people he would be leaving. I did my best to take care of his abandoned projects.
Unfortunately, I was unaware that he had not informed you of this news until this morning, when your email automatically forwarded to my email address.

Son of a BITCH! How hard would it have been to send me an email, just to let me know he was leaving, and to release the interst back to me? My novel has been sitting on a shelf for 6 months with nobody looking at it because this mongrel didn’t have the decency to sort out his ongoing business before he walked. There is a stage of angry I get to: beyond shouting; beyond throwing things; beyond even the icy, very formal stage you get to see if I’m pissed off with you beyond repair. It’s the stage where I simply stop talking, and my entire body becomes a very, very controlled set of movements. I hit this stage for about ten minutes after reading this.

Luckily, for both my temper and my optimism, the sender went on to say:

I recall your work (which in itself is a compliment, as we get hundreds of queries a month). I regret that I am unable to take it on. As it happens, I reviewed the work when it first came to us and passed it to (Agent) . I had no idea he never followed through on it.

She then gave me the name and address of a colleague at a different agency who may be interested. I’ve googled them, and they have a couple of good names on their list, so I’ll be repackaging and sending the synopsis + 3 to them over the next few days, but, ohhhhhh, I’m angry. At a time when I feel like I’m treading water, to find out that someone has been so negligent, so uncaring, so goddamn unprofessional…..

Kudos and nice thoughts, however, to Christine, sender of the email, for her response.

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