So for the next 24 hours, we’re all in a state of horror. Apparently.

Apart from the readings at Fantastic Planet this evening (6pm. Me, Lyn, Stephen Dedman, a bunch of others. Be there. See the post further down the page for details), Martin Livings has created a 24 hour anthology of short stories from contriobutors. It’s only up for the length of the day. Check it out here.


So apart from spending most of the week dealing with the pain in the arse that is Cassie (refusing to come home from friends’ houses, and generally playing the little runaway like it’s something fucking funny. Check out Lyn’s LJ for how hilarious it’s all been), Erin treated us to the following in the car the other day:

ERIN (Singing): Old MacDonald had a cock…..
FX: Sound of parents screaming, car crashing, flames engulf everybody and they all die.
LYN: Sweety, what was that?
ERIN (Careful explaining voice): Old MacDonald had a cock.
ME: Uh, sweety, do you know what a cock is?
ERIN (Well, Duhhh voice): Yeah.
LYN: What is it?
ERIN: You know. A cockie. It goes “cock, cock”.
FX: Sound of parents weeping with relief

It’s scenes like this that make Honey, We’re Killing The Kids the best comedy show on television.

Song of the moment: Hello Spaceboy David Bowie
Reading: Doom Patrol- Down Paradise Way Grant Morrison