Another good evening at the word mines, comrades. Another 586 words, the reason for our hero’s predicament has been shown, and tomorrow, I shaft him further by setting him on his quest and lumbering him with his companion. Oh, the power! 🙂

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
4,934 / 90,000

Song of the Moment: Oh, You Pretty Things David Bowie

Reading: Mojo-Conjure Stories, still.


Earlier this month, the attendees of Clarion South 2007 were announced, including my own beloved Luscious and Perth writer Jessica Vivien.

Since then, one of the attendees has been forced to withdraw, meaning her spot was offered to the “first reserve” on the list.

So a big congratuilations to Helen Venn, a KSP SF compatriot who will be making the journey to Brisbane to take part.

Honestly, though: I’m travelling the length of the country to tutor 17 people, one of whom I live with and 2 others I see on a regular basis at my local writing centre. Wouldn’t it just be easier for everyone else to come here? 🙂


To Luscious’ close friend Sharon, who graduated from the Police Academy yesterday. It’s the fulfillment of a long-held dream, and a fantastic moment for a person who has done so much to change her life around in the time that I’ve known her.

So now I know a female police officer. And Anysia is (I believe) part Native American, or at least likes to dress as one. So if I can round up a female army officer, a female construction worker, and a female bikie…..

Lyn! Lyn! Ask her if you can borrow the uniform!


Over at Battblush, Luscious Lyn has posted on her progress with her new project, a YA novel.

I’ve also started work on my new project, my second novel, The Corpse-Rat King.

We’ve decided to work at a slow, steady pace, setting a low word count of 250 per day, rather than bash away at it and get demoralised if we miss a day or two along the way. It’s much easier to recover 250 words than it is to recover 1000, and it feels like more of a victory if we surpass the lower total. Besides which, with the The Memory of Breathing script still on my plate, and my usual short story work, it’s about all I can squeeze in 🙂

So, as a way of keeping track in public, my first word meter of the project: 660 words added last night to the 3688 I’d already achieved.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter

4,348 / 90,000


The synopsis and 3 chapter package of Napoleone’s Land to the new Agent-Of-Choice. Now to wait. And wait. And wait. And……


I’ve been thinking about the possibility of organising a writer’s retreat some time in the new year: a long weekend away, with nothing to do but write, meet for meals, take long walks in the surrounding area to recharge, etc etc and so forth. I’d also like to bring in a couple of experts to deliver talks, maybe something along the lines of the psychology of success, and something in regards to marketing.

Three days away from the world, being writers in close contact with each other. What do people think?


There’s been some stupidity going on in LJ-world regards where people should and shouldn’t be allowed to bring their children. I’m not going to link to it. You’ve got better things to do with your day, believe me.

But it has reinforced in me the belief that I have children in whom it is easy to be proud. In particular, Aiden and Blake have recently entered the SF Con circuit, with Aiden being on a panel at the KSP SF Day, and both boys attending Fandomedia and the Fantasic Planet Horror Day readings. And those who have met them, interacted with them, and participated in activities with them have had nothing but respect and admiration for the way in which the boys, aged 12 and 13, have handled themselves.

It’s simplistic to hold to the “if you don’t have children you don’t understand” argument. But as any parent will tell you, there is no pride quite like that when your children acquit themselves well. Anybody who holds the wood-headed view that my children should be turned away from interacting with my world and the people within it, well, the problem and the loss is yours.

Blake & Aiden at the Horror Day Readings: Boys to be proud of.


Is it Sarge? NO!

So I sit at my writing desk the other day, Lyn sits next to me, and it quickly becomes apparent that she’s waiting for me to notice something. Particularly when she starts to say things like “Have you noticed?”

For no reason at all, other than she knew I’d love it, my darling wife had picked up this Hong Kong Phooey doll at the shops, and snuck it amongst the gallery of ephemera and weird shit hanging from my desk.

How cool is that?

He’s got style, a groovy smile, a bod that just won’t stop……


A while ago I asked about some more online comics to pass my life away with, as I didn’t need to spend quite so much of my day catching up with Sluggy Freelance. Some lovely people posted me links, and I’ve trawled about a bit. And discovered some fun stuff. So, a couple of links to comics that I’m reading, and instances that made me laugh over the weekend:

Dinosaur Comics

Medium Large

And from Monkey Fluids, a one panel strip that has instantly become one of my all-time favourites, right up there with Gahan Wilson’s “Human Butcher” and Charles Addams’ “This Little Piggy” panels: Timmy Points

To quote Robert Bloch, I havent had this much fun since the rats ate my baby sister…