Earlier this month, the attendees of Clarion South 2007 were announced, including my own beloved Luscious and Perth writer Jessica Vivien.

Since then, one of the attendees has been forced to withdraw, meaning her spot was offered to the “first reserve” on the list.

So a big congratuilations to Helen Venn, a KSP SF compatriot who will be making the journey to Brisbane to take part.

Honestly, though: I’m travelling the length of the country to tutor 17 people, one of whom I live with and 2 others I see on a regular basis at my local writing centre. Wouldn’t it just be easier for everyone else to come here? 🙂


To Luscious’ close friend Sharon, who graduated from the Police Academy yesterday. It’s the fulfillment of a long-held dream, and a fantastic moment for a person who has done so much to change her life around in the time that I’ve known her.

So now I know a female police officer. And Anysia is (I believe) part Native American, or at least likes to dress as one. So if I can round up a female army officer, a female construction worker, and a female bikie…..

Lyn! Lyn! Ask her if you can borrow the uniform!

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