Added another 1007 words to The Corpse-Rat King over the weekend, breaking the magical 10K barrier and the magical 10% barrier all at the same time. On the Lee Writing Scale, I’ve now reached T2, which airline nuts (there must be one or two of you out there) will know as the point along the runway after which you have no choice: you have to take off. So there’s no turning back: my hero Marius, his compatriot Gerd, the dead King of Scorby and I are together for the next 80K+ words whether we like it or not.

Work also continued apace on the secodn draft of the The Memory of Breathing script. I’ve rejigged four of the eleven scenes that need reworking, and added probably another ten minutes or so to the running time. Producer Matt (and it occurs to me that I’ve never linked to Enchanter Films, the production company that we’re working with, so here you go) has set a deadline of the 19th November to get the draft back to him, so it’s both lobes to the grindstone at the moment. once I’ve got the scenes rewritten I have a pile of character and plot notes to incorporate, so the next two weeks will be busy. Busy busy busy…..

So, words to date on the novel:

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
10,635 / 90,000


Anybody trying to get hold of me via email: please be patient. For reasons unknown to me, my Outlook and Norton programs aren’t speaking to each other and so Outlook is refusing to work at all. I can still get to new emails via the ISP website, but it’s clunky and annoying, so replies may not be as quick as usual (which is saying something, I know).

There seems to be an internal problem with Norton, but if I simply delete it and reboot from the disc I’ll lose my upgrade subscription. So it’ll be a few days while I contact Symantec and wait for them to tell me they don’t know how to fix it, and I gather up the courage to delete everythind anyway and then abuse them until they gave me my subscription back. At least, that’s today’s plan… ๐Ÿ™‚


So, thanks to Aiden, Lyn and I became grandparents over the weekend.

Don’t panic: we’re a liberal family, but we’re not that liberal. Aiden finally organised to move his five finches from his Dad’s house, is all. So we now have an aviary and occupants on our patio, much to the fascination of Erin and Connor. Indeed, television has been abandoned in favour of the live show.

I’m not sure how much attachment to give to these little birds, given their Daddy calls them (and I quote): “Whitecap, Big One, Little One, Birdy, and the other female.”

And I thought it took us ages to come up with ‘Connor’…..


It’s my birthday on Saturday. I’ve treated myself to an external hard drive for the computer: when music and video files take up 70% of your memory, it’s time to think about alternative storage solutions. For $150 I picked up a tiny little box that has twice the memory of the big, state-of-the-art computer I had made from scratch three eyars ago. Heh. I am Obsolete Man!

Anyway, I’ve always been the only person I know to be born on the 11th of November. It’s just one of those days that seems to set you apart.

But would you believe it, I’ve discovered that not only am I not unique in regards to people I know, I’m not even unique in regards to Perth SF writers.

So Happy Birthday for Saturday to fellow 11/11 SF writer guy alumni: Perth-based Simon Haynes, and over-east based Chris Barnes.

I’m not my fucking khakis, either…..

Song of the Moment: Eleanor Rigby The Beatles

Reading: The Invisibles- the Invisible Kingdom Grant Morrison and friends

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  1. Happy birthday to you too ๐Ÿ˜‰By the way, I’m a flight sim nut and that’s V2. T2 were the Telstra shares that plummeted, plunged and otherwise failed to take off.We have 4 budgies and 1 finch – It’s a zebra, and my wife found it staggering around the local shopping centre carpark, too knackered to fly. (or indeed, to flee) Now it’s pretty chipper, but makes some very odd squeaky-toy sounds.


  2. Gah, yes. V2. Curse my tired and distracted fingers. T & V aren’t even near each other on the keyboard, so I don’t have <>that<> excuse to fall back on either. I blame… (looks around)… (looks around)… THAT GUY! Finches make the <>weirdest<> noise. Aiden had them in a cage on his lap on the way home from his Dad’s place, and the noise they were making sounded exactly like the original Donkey Kong game. They are weird little goobers, I tells ‘ee.


  3. I know you’re talking about the finches, Lyn, not Erin and Connor… ๐Ÿ™‚Happy birthday, guys. I have no idea what we’re doing on the day, but I guarantee it won’t involve gardening :))


  4. Readin’ about the trial and tribulations of TCRK is like those old fashioned cliff-hangers from years gone by.Whatever will happen in the next installment?Good stuff. It makes for better readin’ than a lot of my fiction at the moment!


  5. Heya Brian,If you get that excited by the word counts, you’re going to love the story itself ๐Ÿ™‚Of course, i’m going to have to actually finish the damned thing first….


  6. I know what I’ll be doing … writing.I get my daily wordcount done in two ways: 1) five minute bursts in between reading webpages and checking email or 2) one hour bursts in between reading webpages and checking email.My goal is to have so many RSS feeds and news sites bookmarked that by the time I’ve finished reading the new stuff I can start again at the beginning and they’ve all been updated again.


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