It’s a funny kind of synchronicity, working on an adaptation of a story written by your wife. Last night, for example, I was talking about who I visualised in the main roles, in an effort to explain to Lyn some of the changes I’d made to her story. Which led to her explaining who she had visualised. Which led to a whole lot of laughter.

So for your entertainment, the different people we visualised for the writing of our different versions of The Memory of Breathing:

COMMANDER JANSSEN: The nominal ‘hero’and protagonist of the piece. Commander of the camp wherein the reanimated corpses are housed. Me: Bob Hoskins. Lyn: Jon Hamblin from Play School.

REBEKAH HOLYOAKE: The 9 year old re-animated Corpse whose peril drives the narrative. Me: Dakota Fanning. Lyn: Jenny from Hey Dad

LADY MCAULIFFE: The rich, elderly spinster who shelters Rebekah and provides a humanising mother figure. Me: Maggie Smith. Lyn: Esme from A Country Practice

(Note: In Lyn’s original story, Lady McAuliffe is named Lady McMahon. Producer Matt thinks we should change it, just to avoid a possible role-confusion with the real-life Lady Sonia McMahon. (In actuality, Lyn named the character with my mother’s maiden name) Naturally, Lyn and I are both of the opinion that Lady Sonia should be given a chance to read for the role…)

PARKER: The young, ambitious offsider to Janssen who doesn’t remember the pre-apocalypse world. Me: Matt Day. Lyn: Matt Damon.

THE PROTESTOR: A black clad religious zealot whose denunciations and proclamations of hellfire provide a counter-current to the main characters’ attempts to save Rebekah. Me: Ben Peek Lyn: Ben Peek

So there you go.


Another 411 words last night. Marius is stuck in a tiny room, with only a still filled with potato liquor for company, and the fire that is consumign the building is coming towards the only door.

I’ve no idea how he gets out of this, but it’s going to be fun finding out.

Zokutou word meterZokutou word meterZokutou word meter
11,046 / 90,000

The Memory of Breathing proceeds nicely as well. I’ve finished the per-scene edits the producer asked for, and added a bunch of pages and a couple of new scenes into the bargain. There are some general world-building questions Producer Matt wants answered, which will take up a few days, and then I’ll see where we stand time-wise. There are still 12 days before the draft is due, so I’m reasonably okay for time, but I’ll be working right up to the deadline on this one.