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  1. Hi Lee. Relationships of all kinds are fascinating creatures. Especially when they involve the evolution of a soul on the planet. My Aiden was also a night terror child/toddler. It is a terrifying experience for all concerned when they come. I can still clearly remember him looking directly at me and into my eyes with absolutely no memory of who I was (whilst screaming at the top of his lungs).To this day (& he is now 12 1/2) if he overheats he calls/screams/makes loud noises in his sleep, with nada memory the next day. Unusual way of processing life I suppose, we all need them.Glad you had a good day. I’m bracing myself for my ‘little’ one (he’s at my eyebrows) to go o/s with his dad & partner. Will be the longest I’ve gone out of contact (3 weeks). Poor Damon. He’s organising strategies methinks.Nicky


  2. Hi Nicky,My God, your experiences with Aiden sound terrifying. You’re brave people to endure such a thing. It must be a constant fear for you all.We’ve occasionally had 3 weeks without seeing one of the older kids when they’ve been with their dad for an extended period, and it kills us: the Xmas break each year is really difficult for just that reasons. this year, Lyn’s going to be at clarion which will mean 6 weeks without seeing them: I’ll be at home making sure they all write letters and draw pitures regularly….


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