Gakked from Wheatland Press, the year based around the first line of the first posts from each month. Doctor Freud, white courtesy phone, Doctor Freud, white courtesy phone…..

JANUARY So what was the point of packing away all the kids toys, when everybody just goes and buys more for them than we’d packed?

FEBRUARY Received a phone call from the stylish and altogether frabjous Jason Nahrung last night.

MARCH I was going to give you the text of my speech, for some sort of posterity reason or something, and forgot.

APRIL Thanks to the kindness of the lads at Aurealis, I have 10 copies of their latest issue, #36 currently sitting next to me on the bookshelf (that’s right, I work from a bookshelf. It’s cramped, but cozy…)

MAY Blake and Cassie go back to their Dad’s house tonight, having spent the last week with us for the school holidays.

JUNE When I started writing, I wanted one thing: to sell a story.

JULY Ticonderoga Online issue 8 is online, and it features my story Fade.

AUGUST Well, now this is an interesting sensation: woke up this morning at 5.30, and went in to deal with an unsettled Connor, and discovered something fun and wacky–I can’t straighten my back

SEPTEMBER These two worthy website are in need of a wee bit of cash in hand to keep themselves floating, and both deserve a nod in the direction of your wallet.

OCTOBER Well, we’ve known about one for a while, but congratulations to everyone who will be attending Clarion South in January of 2007.

NOVEMBER Added another 1007 words to The Corpse-Rat King over the weekend, breaking the magical 10K barrier and the magical 10% barrier all at the same time.

DECEMBER Lots of love and wonder to our beautiful daughter Erin, who turned 5 yesterday.

Song of the Moment: Oi To The World The Vandals
Reading: Endangered Species Gene Wolfe