Thanks to the wonder of G-docs and lunch hours, I’ve just finished the first draft of In From the Snow, a short story that’s been kicking around for far too damn long in my In Progress file. Clocking in at a midgie’s willy below 7200 words, it’s the first story of decent length I’ve finished in what feels like forever.

I’ve set a target of three new stories finished before I leave for Clarion, as well as completing the line-editing of the 6 I have in draft mode. IFTS has been a long process, so I’m pleased to have it under my belt, and happy with the general shape. It’s a fairly loose draft, as it’s been written in a series of short bursts over a long period, rather than my usual habit of quickly blasting through the 1st draft and taking time over the fix-ups in drafts 2- : there are plenty of POV changes, a few holes here and there, and lot of slippage, but the spine has a good, solid feel, and it’ll all come together in the fix up.

Mother rape, fratricide, cannibalism, retro-futurism, the Sawney Bean template…. all good, clean fun fun fun fun 🙂

Now to turn my attention to Mister Snopes, my attempt at a fairy tale for bad adults. It’s nice to feel so invigorated.

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  1. Congratulations on finishing the piece. Also on your 2006 Aurealis shortlistings. Fingers crossed you hit the winner’s circle again!

    I tried to email you but got bounced back. Can you email me when you get a sane moment? *g*


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