WORKSHOPPING, ACROSS THE UNIVERSE (In the Starship Enterprise, under Cap… what the hell am I singing?)

So, for those who don’t know, I’ll be in Brisbania for an extra week after my Clarion tour of duty, and during that week, I’ll be giving a couple of workshops. Get your pens and paper out, dahlinks, for the details. They do follow:

Thursday 25 January, 6-9pm
QWC Members $40, Conc. Members $35, Non-Members $50

Giving and receiving critiques is an important skill for any writer. Lee Battersby (that’d be me) will introduce you to proven methods of critiquing, suitable for writing groups and individual writers, and show you how they can benefit your writing. You will have the opportunity to practise using each technique on a supplied text, on your own work, and on works supplied by other participants.

Saturday 27 January 10am-1pm
QWC members $65, Conc members $55, non-Members $110

War of The Worlds, Frankenstein, The Chronicles of Narnia… the speculative fiction genre- science fiction, fantasy and horror- represents some of our most enduring stories. Award-winning author Lee Battersby (still me) will lead you through a series of practical exercises for crafting attention-grabbing science fiction and fantasy. You will also learn how to research publishing markets and how to develop a unique voice. Lee will pass on skills for creating and publishing cutting-edge work.

For more information, contact the Queensland Writer’s Centre at Level 2, 109 Edward Street, Brisbane on (07) 3839 1243. You can visit their website and email, should you prefer.

3 thoughts on “

  1. Hey Lee,

    That’s excellent news. As far as ego-rubs go that’s pretty hard to beat, and well deserved, it’s a rocking story.

    Of course I’m brutally jealous.

    And we better catch up when you’re in Brisbane for a quiet ale or two.


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