I wasn’t really going to do this, because I don’t set myself goals for reading or watching films, but then I decided, hey, what the heck: it won’t cost me terribly much more effort than my normal blogging, and it’ll be interesting to see what I get through.

2006 was a pretty thin year on both cinema and reading fronts: I just didn’t get out to see much, and didn’t read much while I was failing to get out. This year I’m going to make an effort to do a bit more. And, you know, I’m always keen to see how much I write.

So, a reading/writing/watching log. And let’s be honest: given the name of this little journal, what else could I call it, but–

The Batterslog.

For what it’s worth.


Hey, thank The Big Charlton Heston Impersonator In the Sky for independent bookstores, or the majority of Australian SF writers would have nothing to brag about.

Which is my way of saying Through Soft Air was the 6th highest selling title for Fantastic Planet Bookstore during 2006.

Outselling the likes of Adrian Bedford, Marianne De Pierres, and Simon Haynes is a nice fillip for the ego. Outselling the likes of Charles de Lint, George RR Martin and Neil Gaiman proves that statistics mean nothing 🙂