I know I should update about Clarion, and Brisbane, and all the other bits and bobs of effluvia with which I can clutter up the ether.

But all you really need to know is: Clarion was a hoot, I had a great time, and I invested in both the process and the people. I made some friends I will carry with me when I leave, and read some stories I expect you will all see in print really soon. Lyn and I survived the experience, just.

I’m still here in Brisbane, with 2 workshops, the Aurealis Awards, and the industry love-in still to come before I fly out. A heartfelt apology to those with whom I discussed the possibility of lunch: it doesn’t look likely that I will get the time to do anything, as I’m still spending a lot of time assisting with Clarion, and a surprise movie deadline has me chained to a keyboard for the rest of it.

This has become less a busman’s holiday than a break in office routine.

As to the rest of it, well, it won’t interest you, isn’t that important to anybody but me, and I can’t be bothered talking about it.

Not sure how often I’ll be ether-chatting upon my return: several things have become self-evident sicne I’ve been here, the most obvious of which is that I need to write this year. The second most obvious of which is: I’d rather.