Lyn and I have gathered a small band of fellows about us, all with the same set of goals vis-a-vis our careers, in order to share information, critique each others’ work, and bitch about everybody else discuss what measures we need to take to work our way up the writing food chain.

As is the way of such things, we’ve also cobbled together a group blog. Jerry Jarvis’ Wig is online, and if you’re interested in the strange interior workings of myself, Lyn, Paul Haines, Geoffrey Maloney and Brendan Duffy, wander along every now and again and say hola.

Currently the posting is somewhat infrequent, due to the very recent creation of the group, but I have a couple of entries I’ll be getting up soon. I’ll still be filling this colum with my own ridiculous brand of waffle, but I have some very different things planned for JJs: stay tooned….

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