Clarion is finally over for Lyn, she’s back at home recovering her spirit and equanimity, and dealing with the bumps and grinds she suffered over the course of that long, fierce, and claustrophobic experience. And working. My, how she’s working.

I’ve always made it very clear that I believe in her talent, and that all she has ever needed to create a career of worth for herself was some self-belief, and the drive to let nothing stand between her and writing time, every day, until work was completed and sent out, again and again and again. A lot of writers need guidance, education, mentoring. All Lyn has ever needed, in my honest opinion, was to create. But, you know, I’m her husband 🙂 It took 5 relative strangers, professionals all, saying the same thing to her for her to really believe it. And now she does. And it’s about time 🙂

And if she didn’t need me to tell her she’s extraordinary, how about this: how many people do you know who sold a story whilst still participating in the workshop? I don’t mean to their tutor. I mean via the traditional write-send-wait route?

Believe it, peeps. This Is Not A Love Song will see light in ASIM 34, a bunch of months down the track. Needless to say, I’m astonished and proud at the ways in which my wife achieves the exceptional.

A final gift from my students, too: a Clarion ’07 t-shirt, containing some of the most memorable quotes uttered by the group (my favourite: It’s easy to produce a dwarf on the cheap) and an autograph book containing messages of goodwill from the students. Many thanks to all the 2007 group: you flatter me.

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  1. Hi Lee (and Lyn too)ASIM is compiling its Best Of anthologies and wonders if you can please contact Tehani. dragonkat @ andromedaspaceways.comCheersTehani


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