ERIN: I want a biscuit.
DADDY: (Rushed off his feet and hassled) Yeah? Well I want world peace.
ERIN: Maybe if you ask nicely…

chingNext problem, please!


As a treat, we let Erin stay up and watch The Cat In the Hat on TV last night. I have only one rhyme to make about this movie.

Adam Sandler’s not in it
So him I shan’t smear
But please kill Mike Meyers
And then watch me cheer.


My contributor’s copy of Aurealis 37, which contains Father Muerte & The Joy of Warfare, the 4th in that particular series. This is the first issue from the new editorial team of Stephen Higgins and Stuart Mayne, and they’ve lashed together some pretty decent names to the Aurealis raft: apart from myself, it contains stories from Kaaron Warren, Sophie Masson, Rjurik Davidson and Adam Browne, as well as reviews by Bill Congreve and Kate Forsyth, and a stonkingly funny and insightful article on just what constitutes food by Patricia O’Neill.

A special note about the illustration to my story, here: Adam Duncan has produced an illo so graceful and beautiful, and so resonant of the themes within the story without, in any way, giving away the elements it references, that when the time comes I shall be nominating it for the appropriate Ditmar Awards. I’m hoping to get hold of Adam and get permission to reproduce the illustration here for you all to see, but in the meantime, you could always by a copy of the magazine 🙂


Whooph: it’s been one of those periods, where projects have piled up against each other to create a natural bottleneck through which I’ve had to push myself, grumbling all the way. As of this morning, however, they’re all behind me, and I can concentrate on something new–

The third draft of The Memory of Breathing has been retruned to Producer Matt. Another 22 scenes added, in all, so that this draft turns in at 51 scenes and 167 pages. That’s 19 800 words of scriptage, ladeezngennulmen. I’m guessing running time to be somewhere around the 135 minute mark, but that could be best-guessage. At least now I can kick back and wait for PM to read it through and get back to me with his thoughts.

The Time Eater has been rewritten and sent back to Steven Savile for adding to Doctor Who: Destination Prague (pre-order now!). One Sontaran removed (Season 3 is on its way….); a few bits and bobs cleaned up; and two scenes rewritten to change the point of view.

And lastly, Beached, my submission to the upcoming Daikaiju II/III double anthology has been completed and sent to the glamorous and dignified Rob Hood. I’m really hoping that this one racks up a sale, not so much for the story itself (although I think it’s pretty good), but for what it represents: Daikaiju II/III has been a closed market since the first book was released, and to receive a personal invitation to submit something is a big indication of respect, from a man for whom I have nothing but.

So an afternoon to rest, and then onto new work, with a note of happiness and relief in my voice– guess who managed to unearth the previously-thought-lost The Corpse Rat King from his hard drive the other day?