Received a phone call from Blakey tonight, just to say hi and catch up on stuff before he comes over this weekend. Life is good, school is fine, everything’s going swimmingly, except….

BLAKE: I got an academic detention.
LEE: Huh? What for?
BLAKE: We had a casual day today, and we had an assembly, and I was wearing the wrong shoes.

Detention for wearing the wrong shoes. As Aiden said, that’s like getting detention for having the wrong nose…

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  1. I still remember getting a detention for failing to hand in on Monday morning the signed piece of paper that was meant to function as proof that I’d handed my parents the school newsletter on Friday night. I’d given them the newsletter, but just hadn’t done the paperwork.


  2. I went to school in Rockingham in the 80s, at the kind of school where detention came with a blindfold and a cigarette. You used to get beaten up if you <>had<> shoes. Of course, you were run out of town if you could use two kinds of cutlery in the same meal…


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