Happy days: Rob Hood has accepted Beached for publication in Daikaju II/III. Look for it to come out some time around June this year.

That’s my second sale for the year, after Truthful Remains to Black Box. With The Time Eater and The Ballad of Henry Renfield due to come out in the coming months, and Father Muerte & The Joy of Warfare available now, it feels just like being back in harness.

About bloody time, too.


Congratulations to Will Elliott, whose novel The Pilo Family Circus has been announced as the winner of Dead Chick II, otherwise known as the 2006 Australian Shadows Award. You can read judge Rob Hood’s report here. TPFC has carried all before it this year, with a brace of Aurealis Awards under its belt as well, and Will is a hell of a nice guy, so it’s pleasing to see him get some sugar for his work.

Proving that awards equals sales, Lyn and I went out the day after the award and purchased a copy.

Wonder if Will wants to come over and play dollies 🙂


Over at Horrorscope, they’ve announced something quite exciting: The Australian Horror Writer’s Association Mentor Program.

If you’ve always fancied a crack at becoming a writer of things written, you can now team yourself up with one of a select group of Australian dark fantasy and horror authors and drink them dry of their experience, wit and resolve. More importantly, they will read your work, critique it, and offer advice, tips, conversation, gossip, scuttlebut, and whatever help they can in a one-on-one service over three months.

Apart from myself, mentors include people the quality of Stephen Dedman, Paul Haines, Robert Hood, Martin Livings, Kaaron Warren, David Carroll, Cat Sparks, and Shane Jiraiya Cummings. In other words, a pretty damn impressive crowd.

Applications open April 1st (when else, really?) More details can be found at the AHWA website.

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