Just received news from the eminent Mister Jack Dann that he is accepting my story In From the Snow for Dreaming Again, the sequel to the World Fantasy Award-winning 1999 anthology Dreaming Down Under, whcih he co-edited with Janeen Webb.

Much pleased, me. IFtS is one of the few stories I rescued from the heat death of the hard drive, and represents, at least to me, an advance in my craft. DA could be a major milestone, and I’m happy indeed to be counted amongst its numbers.

I might just raise a glass tonight.

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  1. Much pleased I am. And glad to be joining you in the ToC, Trent. The only other authors I know of so far are two of my boys from Clarion, Jason Fisher & Chris Green, so there needs to be a couple of older heads to show them up 🙂


  2. Well bloody done, old son. This is marvellous news!I’m also richly impressed with your weight-loss efforts. Well done!


  3. That’s awesome, mate, congrats! I didn’t even know they were doing another Dreaming… makes me wish I’d, you know, written some short fiction lately! 🙂


  4. Thanks, guys. I’m very pleased with this one: it’s a sign that my change in focus is working, and that’s a big relief. Hopefully I can piggyback some other good sized sales on the back of this and the Dr Who story, and take that next step.


  5. It looks like a good project: I do have some contact details if anyone plans to submit, but I’d suggest doing so reeeeeeeeaaaallllll soon……And of course, more details will be spruiked as to release etc when I know them.


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