1. The word *hugs* is not a substitute for a thought-out statement of care.

2. If, after almost five years, you’re still reading your ex-wife’s LJ and getting bent out of shape over every little thing she says: get a fucking life!

I’ve got some other stuff to talk about in a few days, but things are hectic at the moment, so stay tuned…

4 thoughts on “

  1. Have said stuff at the LJ, so here it’s a round of “Here, here” 🙂Hang in there.Kinda like deja vu … different, yet, similar. Depressingly I’m still getting it (at nearly 37) from my parents. They don’t seem to grasp the concept it’s THEIR *insert rude word* stuff to deal, not mine *sigh. Family! Much prefer the ones we make for ourselves 🙂


  2. Many people have made the same observation about *hugs*.I myself prefer the more manly *pint*. Yes, well. You’ve probably read my suggestion. Its bullying.


  3. Naturally, as an Australian male, I prefer the traditional squirrel’s handshake, dry hump, and tongue in the ear. But it’s so hard to get the right emoticon for it….And honestly, you’d think that after almost half a decade, you’d find stuff in your own life to capture your thoughts and give you joy. Some people are pitiable.


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