Because the internet does not have bumper stickers so I can swan about being all smug in front of strangers, consider this a replacement:

That would be my daughter holding up her first honour certificate, for ‘making a terrific effort to bring a positive attitude to all she does
Whose 2 ½ year old son sat his Mummy down and counted to eleven for her the other day? And then took her hand, held her thumb and said “Mummy”, then held her index finger and said “Connor”, and followed with a finger for each member of his family in turn? (I got the pinkie)
That, also, would be mine 🙂

Eleven fingers? Doesn’t everyone?

One thought on “

  1. This is all fabulous–particularly Lyn’s run around Monger’s Lake. I used to live just near there, and spent many an afternoon walking around that lake and so I have a fair inkling how far it is. That Lyn managed to run, non-stop, all the way around is awesome, as is the persistence she put in all those mornings at “aaaagh” a.m. getting prepared for it. Good on Lyn! 🙂


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