Over at Undead Backbrain, blog of erstwhile peer and pal Rob Hood, recent days have seen the kind of combat normally reserved for bad gladiator films and the type of wrestling federations that feature guys with names like “The Ax” and “Headsplitter”. It’s been feral, it’s been unforgiving, it’s been bloody.

It’s been Rob’s write-a-limerick-about-daikaiju competition, and surprise, surprise, Sean Williams won. Jess Nevins, too.

Check out the shortlist here. It’s an absolute hoot, with some of the most wonderfully awful, and awfully wonderful, 5 line abominations to be seen. It’s a lot of fun.

2 thoughts on “

  1. What’s with this “erstwhile” bit, Lee? Don’t blame me. It’s Pazuzu’s fault! If I’d been judging, I clearly would have given the Big Prize to you. Your limerick did feature the biggest load of poo!🙂


  2. Feature? I’d have said <>was<> :))You know, after this comment, I went and checked the meaning of erstwhile, and realised I’ve been using it incorrectly for, ooooh, about 30 years! What a doof….


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