It’s been a fairly miserable winter at the Batthome when it comes to health. One by one, we’ve all succumbed to lurgis of various descriptions: chest infections, ear infections, flus, colds, sniffles, snorts, bogies, and blurghs have kept us low and unhappy. As a result, writing has diminished to zero. For months, I just couldn’t find any desire or passion in me to take it up again.

I literally couldn’t find any reason to do it, not with the combination of my own illness, Lyn’s, the *kids*, all the house stuff that needs doing, and on and on……

Until yesterday morning, when I returned to work after a week of sick, whereupon my fabbo team leader made me feel about as welcome as the Dalia Lama in a Chinese restaurant, and all of a sudden I had a big flash of “Ohhhh yeaaahhh, that’s why I do it…”

Must escape, must escape, must escape….

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  1. I’m sorry you’re all having such a bad time. I wondered what was happening. Look after yourselves and I hope the creative spark flames up again very soon.


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