You know, it’s been a bloody while since I clogged up the electrothingywebboglassteatosphere with a pointless meme. And I don’t have time to do one now, so here’s one I did earlier (okay, a minute or so ago), courtesy of Luscious.

Four places I have lived…

1. Nottingham, England
2. Narrogin, Western Australia
3. Rockingham, Western Australia
4. Maylands, Western Australia

Four TV shows I love to watch

1. The City Gardener
2. Snapped
3. Time Team
4. The English Premier League (not this season though, sigh…)

Four places I have been on vacation…

1. Phuket
2. Brisbane
3. Melbourne
4. Albany

Four Places I Plan to go on vacation…

1. Rome
2. Great Britain
3. New Zealand
4. Egypt

Four of my favourite foods…

1. Cottage fish pie
2. Canneloni
3. Caesar Salad (especially if it contains pineapple. Try it. Go on…)
4. Creme caramel

Four Places I would rather be Right Now…

1. Night’s Edge convention. First Con I’ve been eager to attend in over a year.24 hours to go.
2. On holiday with Lyn, wandering through somewhere spectacular for the soul.
3. Riding an elephant.
4. Inside the TARDIS. Yes, it is shallow. Shutup.


So how proud were we when we recieved an invitation to attend Aranmore High School’s end of year awards ceremony because Blake was due to receive a gong? Bursting with, is the correct answer.

We don’t often get a chance to say it, because Blake doesn’t stay with us anywhere as much as we want, or as he should. But he is a deeply special young man, and carries limitless potential in his hyperactive young frame. In a school with such demanding academic and social requirement, to achieve any sort of award is no small thing.

We’re proud of you, Blakey-boy.

Source of pride and his happy Mum


Question time: what is the figure in this picture, presented to me by a certain sweetly-smiling 5 year old daughter yesterday?

Princess? Hawaiian dancer? A friend from school? Mummy?

Allow me to quote: It’s a zombie. See its dead hair and its smelly feet? And its bra!

Snurk snigger snort gasp choke……