I was, at least, able to finish and send The Metawhore’s Love Story, my submission for Agog Press’ upcoming Canterbury 2100 anthology and my 13th submission for the year. I set myself for a dozen this year, so with a month to go, I’m a bit chuffed.

Next up is to finish I’m a Boy by the end of the week and send that along to The Psi-Phi Show, and then I might be able to relax this weekend and plot out the Father Muerte novel that me and my big mouth have committed to delivering to the agent by the middle of next year.


It’s been a week, so can I please stop feeling so damn sick? It’s been nothing but dizziness, nausea, pain in the stomach, and general shittiness beyond compare. I even spent most of the afternoon at the hospital today, establishing that yes, my GP was indeed a bit hasty, and it wasn’t appendicitis after all…..

Really, I’m over it. You’ve had your fun. Let’s move on.

C is 3!

Today, my little boy turned 3 years old. It’s hard for me to digest: at times, his life has been such a struggle, beset by problems and setbacks such that I wondered how he’d ever get past them. But here he is, a beautiful, rambunctious, intelligent, wondrous child, with a spirit and personality I’ve never seen in another child his age, and my love for, and devotion to, him grows greater each day.

Happy birthday, Connor, my darling son.

3 years old, and a paragon of grace and dignity. And ice-cream.


We threw a party for the C-Train on Saturday: the grounds of the Batthome were witness to runningandjumpingandscreaminganddrinkingandeatingandmorescreamingandplaying friends and family of the birthday boy, and Luscious and I were eternally grateful to our decision to use nothing but disposable plates and cutlery. But it was huge fun for all concerned, and especially gratifying was the number of times an accompanying parent said “Thank you for having (Insert child’s name). It was their first birthday party and it was great!”

But for special super duper greatness in the pike position, allow me to present the birthday cake, made from scratch by a woman who shall remain known only as my-bloody-genius-of-a-child-rearing-wife:


I ask you: how goddamn cool is that? Even the chocolate dalekanium buttons were hand made. I can’t wait to see what she comes up with in ten years time, when he starts to take an interest in girls….

Yes, she is a clever girl, then.