So why, I hear none of you cry, has it been so long, and why, none of you echo, have my messages been so damn depressed-sounding lately?

Three weeks ago, I fell ill. No idea why, really, but it resulted in two weeks off work, and on the 27th, I spent most of my day in hospital being checked out for suspected appendicitis (it wasn’t).

The following afternoon, we received a phone call, and spent three hours driving to Bunbury to bail out Darth Barbie, who’d been arrested.

She’s been with us since then. To say it has been easy would be… wrong. Normally, I’d be all ranty and get it all off my chest, but this one is different, I think. This girl hs been allowed to go so far off the rails that bringing her back into a normal sphere of thinking is too important, and ultimately, too private. I feel like we’re fighting to bring someone back from the precipice, and it’s exhausting, it’s frequently devastating, and we spend almost the entirety of our time trying to keep our family unity together in the face of a child whose only recourse to dealing with the world is to spit hatred and anger at those trying to save her.

This family is going for a long walk. We may be some time.

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  1. Many of us have been through similar situations with loved ones. You would think that with so many people dealing with this type of issue that an answer would have emerged that would work for everyone. It hasn’t.It can be gut-wrenching for sure. But that’s a sacrifice most are willing to make to get a positive result. Unfortunately nothing guarantees a positive result, and ultimately you must do what is necessary for the rest of the family.Good luck, I’m afraid you’ll need it.


  2. Hang in there Lee. I’m sure you & Lyn as draining & beyond exhausting (on all levels) as it is, you two are able to help find said rails on the horizon to go on said long walk to 🙂Oh & make sure she doesn’t get hold of a Barbie-pink two-ended light sabre 😉


  3. This all sounds unspeakably sucky. Sometimes the right thing to do is walk away … even though it feels like a betrayal. Sometimes people have to find their own path, and the more you try to help them the more lost and angry they become.Good thoughts to you and yours. And I hope you have a fabulous family Christmas, regardless.


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