…….. you don’t fit in:

LEE: It’s all a matter of what you’re willing to sacrifice, and I’d rather sacrifice money than family.
LEE: And, you know, I’d rather sacrifice a goat than a virgin.
REST OF TEAM: ……….. (stares)………….
LEE: (sighs)

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  1. I had a moment like that when I worked (er, was employed by) at ATO in November ’89. I was listening to the radio news on a Walkman while shuffling my papers and drawing pink lines on bank records, and heard in a sudden news bulletin that the Berlin Wall was, right at that minute, coming down, and East German folks were streaming through the breach into West Germany.I was gobsmacked and elated, and yelled out to the coworkers around me, “The Berlin Wall’s coming down! Right now! I heard it on the radio!”Reaction: blank stares for a few seconds, then back to work.Hmm, tough room, I thought.Anyway, my sympathies, and I quite agree with your sentiments, too.


  2. See I’d just show them HOW to sacrifice the goat – pass them the special dagger and all….I’m lucky my sense of perverse humour has begun leaking in the new job (like “Can I put WNH through the extruders?”) & they agree with me 😮THAT’s weird (& good …. I think)


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