So, writer boy. How did it turn out, then?

Actually, writing was one of the few bright spots last year. Not as many appearances as in previous years, but a solid number of sales without being spectacular. In the end, it looked a bit like this:


The Time Eater in Dr Who: Destination Prague
Beached in Daikaiju III
Father Muerte & The Joy of Warfare in Aurealis
Father Muerte & The Flesh in Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror Volume 20 (reprint)


You Pretty Thing to Psi Phi Journal—out at this very moment
Truthful Remains to Black Box
to Daikaiju III
Never Grow Old
to Aurealis
to Black Box
In From The Snow
to Dreaming Again
The Metawhore’s Love Story to Canterbury 2100

Given that I spent large portions of the year dealing with the script for The Memory of Breathing, pitching the novel, and engaged in the AHWA mentorship, I’m reasonably pleased.

The question now, of course, is:

WITHER, 2008?

There’s a lot to be done, Battfans. I’ve committed to delivering a Father Muerte novel to an interested agent by mid-year, plus I want to finish one of the three other novels into which I’ve made good ground- The Corpse Rat King, Clowntown, or The Death of Vaz Tey. As a result, I’m likely to lay down less in the way of short stories, although they’re still my first love, so I’d like to complete a good half-dozen or so. And if I can sneak one in sideways through the door while nobody’s looking, I’d like to at least complete a short film script, or work towards snaffling another contract for a feature film—it’s an exciting form in which to work, and I loved doing so in 2007.

So, you know, that and lose ten kilograms and focus on my family and attend Swancon and make greater inroads into our mortgage and slough away everything that made 2007 such a negative experience and reinvent some sort of social life and maybe have a holiday and do the mentorship thing again and…. yeah, that sounds about right…..

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