Much movement on the Battersby writing front since the start of the year, ennumerated thus:

  • Head on over to Sci Phi Journal, where you can still find myself, Stephen Dedman, and Geoff Maloney filling out the pages of their first issue. My story You Pretty Thing concerns itself with cloning, elevators, and wacky psychiatry hi-jinks.
  • I’ll Keep a Green Lantern Burning, a powemme no less, will be appearing in Strange Horizons as of February 4th
  • Lycanthrope: The Beast Within, a new anthology from Graveside Tales about something or other I can’t quite put my finger on, will contain my story The Claws of Native Ghosts. The gooden folken at GT sent me a glowing acceptance letter during the week, and who am I to refuse flattery of that type? 🙂
  • Ben Szumskyj, Perth-based horrorphile and publisher of cool literary works about the genre, raked me over the interviewing coals for the first issue of his upcoming Studies in Australian Weird Fiction. Dunno if that means I’m Australian, weird, or fiction, but I enjoyed the interview, and I’m looking forward to seeing a scholarly magazine aimed at understanding what separates us from the rest of the genre world.

So it’s all go, really.


Congratulations to all Aurealis Award winners. The full list will be somewhere on the net by now: Luscious and I had them read to us at a party for just that purpose on Saturday night by the ever-lovely Tehani Wessely, who has finally seen the light and moved to Perth from far-too-close-to-the-centre-of-the-Oz-SF-Universe-for-its-own-good Brisbane. A good, chatty time was had by all. Special mention of the wonderful Anna Tambour, a truly lovely lady and unique writer who is finally getting the notice and reward she’s been due for a very long time.

2 thoughts on “

  1. Congrats on the acceptance for Beast Within Lee. It’s a top story. I still haven’t heard anything back either way, I understand they are down to the final few places. ARRRGHHH the pain, and it’ll be a full moon soon.


  2. Keep the faith, man: from comments on the forum boards they’re having a hard time winnowing things down, so it’ll be a stressful wait but hopefully a rewarding one!


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