I’ve been away.

In the wake of this year’s Swancon, I received a couple of emails. No need to go into the minutiae, but they were, shall we say, detailed. In addition, Lyn suffered the indignity of being upbraided by a fan type at a recent social occasion, who felt they needed to belittle her for being a writer in order to puff up their own sense of self-importance. It was hurtful, and humiliating, and frankly, the last straw.

I needed a few days away from the world to reassess.

So here’s the thing: I’m not doing Swancon, or any other Western Australian conventions, any more. I’m not doing any of the social events that surround them. I love writing, and though it is occasionally problematic, I really enjoy blogging. I enjoy the correspondences I keep with friends and like-minded people who contact me. So I’m going to keep to those.

Many thanks to those who contacted me to ask about the absence.

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  1. Lee, I don’t know who was rude to both you and Lyn, nor do I know what was said (nor do I want to)but when I saw Lyn’s post, it upset me. I have always found you two funny, delightful, and very polite. To think some jackass thought to inflate his/her ego by ripping either of you down is reprehensible. As much as I understand why you won’t attend SwanCon, I must say you will be missed.


  2. Lee & Lyn sorry to see that your on the end of someone elses crap, I know what it took for you both to get to the con. Just shows that your great writers and they’re not. Anyone who knows you personaly knows what great people you both are, your more then family your my friends. Always remember that a lot of people love you both.


  3. I’ll be sorry if you and Lyn don’t come to any more cons, Lee. It bothers me, too, that there seems to be an uncrossable gulf between fans and writers – even wannabe writers like me. But that’s how it is and I refuse to let the clique – or any individual within it – intimidate me.


  4. Me keeping it short, sweet & with such good English like 🙂Yay, you’re back…..I don’t have to work out how long it’d take me to build a space/travel thingey to come visit (that would’ve really hurt my synapses I tells ya).SHINY 😀


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