No kids.
No jobs.
No duties.

The rest of Season 1 of Dexter.
Season 2 of Life on Mars.
The rest of Season 2 of Deadwood
The rest of Season 2 of Torchwood
Season 4, episode 1 of Dr Who

Don’t phone.

One thought on “

  1. You’ve waited a week for episode 1?????? OMG! How can you! I mean it’s one of the few & very far betweens where my other half drags out of bed early to erm, you know & then we watch it by dinner. Else you know the sky would cave in, the Apocalypse arrive or at the very least frothing at the mouth may start.Curious re Torchwood. I have words. I’ve had words and now I say no more 🙂Dexter. Drool & of course I could give you a nth degree of separation from Joss (just cause I can & it’s probably annoy you 😛 )Enjoy!


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