So first, at the behest of Lily Chrywenstrom, we rented and watched Season one of Dexter. Twelve hour-long episodes. It took us three days.

Before the viewing had finished, I found myself in the bookstore, with enough money to buy either of the two volumes they possessed- Darkly Dreaming Dexter, the first in the series, around which the TV show was based, and which, therefore, (I thought) would hold few suprises; or Dexter In The Dark, the third in the series. What the hell: I lumped for the first.

That took a day and a half.

Now I’m skint, and it’s not pay day until Thursday.


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  1. If you think season 1 was good, wait until you see the second, it blows it away.I’m up to episode 9 (season 2) on foxtel and its getting better each week.I think we all like to think there’s a little bit of dexter in all of us.– Mark


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