Well, I mean, obviously, duh….

Your Score: Julius Caesar

You scored 37% = Tragic, 34% = Comic, 24% = Romantic, 51% = Historic

You are Julius Caesar. Set during the mid-March in Rome, Julius Caesar tells the story of the conspiracy against and assassination of Julius Caesar. While not considered one of Shakespeare’s Histories, Julius Caesar is a fictionalized account of a true story. What your score tells us about you is that you are most likely a complex individual who, like Brutus, may struggle between the conflicting demands of friendship, loyalty, and patriotism. However, also like Brutus, you are undoubtedly someone to whom your friends often go before making a big decision. You are their rock, and they wouldn’t think of doing anything without first asking you what you think. However, like Caesar, himself, you tragic flaw, might be that you don’t take advice or criticism well even if it is constructive. Take heed to listen to good advice when you hear it, and for gosh sake… beware the ides of March.

Link: The Which Shakespeare Play Are You? Test written by macbee


Australia Council Grant application: done.
Residency application: done.
Mentoring: Pretty much up to date– one more story to offer comments and a couple of emails to answer

Currently: hard at work banging away at my application for the Screenwest TV Writer’s Award. At the very least, it has enabled me to fulfill one of my silliest ambitions– titling an entire series of television episodes after Kinks songs.

Still to come: submissions for Hauntings, Interstitial, New Ceres, and the Realms of Fantasy Halloween 2009 issue, as well as my contribution to the Remix My Lit project, and a story to complete my half of a bargain with that creature of strangeness, Jason Fischer? What bargain, you ask? To submit to each other, by the 30th of June, a story entitled Rodeo of the Flesh. Sigh. I pick ’em….. And, of course, the novels.

It’s all go.