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Go here and keep hitting random quotes until you get five that resonate with you, then post them in your journal.

I don’t know the key to success, but the key to failure is trying to please everybody
Bill Cosby (1937 – )

It is what you learn after you know it all that counts
John Wooden (1910 – )

I was thought to be ‘stuck up.’ I wasn’t. I was just sure of myself. This is and always has been an unforgivable quality to the unsure
Bette Davis(1908 – 1989), The Lonely Life, 1962

Why is my existence so perfect with dark places? And why do I no longer care?
Lemuel W. H. Ranier

That’s just the way things go. We meet people, get to know them and then they get up and leave us behind
Takayuki Ikkaku, Arisa Hosaka and Toshihiro Kawabata, Animal Crossing: Wild World


From Angelaina

What was the last story you read?
The first draft of Lyn’s new story The Found House. Last (pre-)published story: The Immaculate Conception by Matt Hults, in the galley of The Beast Within

What was the last poem you read?
Aesculapius in the Underworld by Ryan G Van Cleave, in Year’s Best Fantasy & Horror 15.

What was the last comic you read?
Fallen Son: The Death of Captain America by Jeph Loeb and a cast of thousands

What was the last movie you watched?
Mister Brooks, for the 2nd time, on DVD

What song are you listening to now? Say something about it–what it means to you, who introduced you to it, something like that.
Vicious Traditions by The Veils. A beautifully haunting song that stands out a mile from the rest of their work.

What’s your guilty-reading pleasure?
It used to be Dick Francis novels, but I’ve since stopped feeling guilty.

Say something about the last poem you wrote!
I wrote two in a day whilst at work recently, image-canoodlings that surprised me by becoming coherent and visually sound.

Say something about a story you’re writing now!
Comfort represents a departure from my recent work: a change in tense, POV, narratorial voice, and based very much around an interior journey rather than exterior action. It’ll take some getting right, but it’ll be nice to change direction once again.

If you were a fictional character, who would be writing you?
A sadistic bastard.

And a link to your favorite magazine, because they probably need your help. 😉


Reprinted with the author’s permission: an email received from the uberkid himself, Jasoni Fischerio:

At a recent writing group I was accused of having “Lee Battersby Disease”. I should explain, I tendered a story for critting in which the protagonist is immortal and has supernatural powers etc, and this one bloke drew a long bow and compared Raoul the minotaur to Father Muerte (apples and oranges anyone?). I told him I actually knew you personally. Insert uncomfortable awkward pause……

By which I can only assume that Lee Battersby Disease makes your story middle-aged, overweight, and yet beguilingly handsome 🙂


Nobody remembers the war against the Sirk. Hardly anybody knew it was happening. The Governments of the world covered it up, used it as the excuse for their own conflicts, their own schemes of expansion and death. But no matter how many of our own we killed, there was always one common aim: destroy the Sirk. Wipe them out. They came to us as refugees, begging our help. In return, we murdered them in their millions. Is it any wonder the survivors hide?

So begins Cirque, the TV show project I pitched for the Screenwest TV Awards recently. In the last couple of weeks I’ve also: sent my Australia Council grants application; sent my 2009 KSP Residency application; completed the first draft of Comfort, my submission to the Datlow/Mamatas-edited Hauntings anthology; proof-read the galley of my The Beast Within story The Claws of Native Ghosts; completed the fourth draft of The Possession of Mister Snopes, my submission to the upcoming Interstitial anthology; been pencilled in as editor for the 4th issue of the AHWAs new fiction magazine Midnight Echoes; and continued my mentoring of Jason Crowe and Ben Szumskyj.

I feel a bit like a writer.


Only a couple of days left to get your entries in for the Katharine Susannah Prichard SF/F Competition. Check out the details one final time:

The Katharine Susannah Prichard Speculative Fiction Awards 2008
Closing date: 5pm Friday May 30, 2008
Words: Minimum 1500, maximum 3500.
All forms of Speculative Fiction welcome.
2 Sections: OPEN and the Shire of Mundaring National Young Writers Awards (20 years and under)


Open: First $200, Second $50
Young Writers Awards: First $75, Second $25
Highly Commended and Commended Certificates will also be awarded.

Awards announced and presented at KSP Writers’ Centre, Sun August 17, 2008.
No entry form required


1. Entry fees: Open – $7.50 per story, to be paid by cheque or money order only. Young Writers Awards – no entry fee

2. Work to be original, unpublished, not received an award in another competition and not under consideration elsewhere from the time of entry in these awards until the official announcement of winners.

3. Limit of three stories per author. Individual stories cannot be entered in more than one section

4. Entries to be typewritten, double-spaced on one side only of A4 white paper, with pages numbered, a wide left-hand margin, and story title on each page. A good photocopy is acceptable. Post in an A4 size envelope.

5. To ensure anonymity NO WRITERS’ NAMES TO APPEAR ON MANUSCRIPT (MS). Please attach a COVER SHEET with name of story, word count, section entered, and age if Young Writer

6. On a SEPARATE SHEET please attach form below

7. MSs will only be returned if adequately stamped self-addressed envelope (SSAE) of sufficient size is included. Other manuscripts will be destroyed after the competition, so keep a copy of your work.

8. Include a business-sized SSAE if you would like only a results sheet

9. Award winners will be notified by phone or mail prior to announcement, when those able to attend will be invited to read excerpts from their stories

10. Members of the KSP Foundation Management Committee are not allowed to enter

11. The judges’ decisions are final, and no correspondence will be entered into

12. The KSP Foundation Inc. reserves the right to publish the winning entry or entries in a publication related to KSP should the opportunity occur, in consultation with the author

Send entries to:
KSP Speculative Fiction Awards
11 Old York Road
WA 6056

Entries which do not reflect the stated conditions, or are postmarked later than 5pm May 30, may be disqualified without notice and the fee/s forfeited.


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More to the point: why do they want to know?