Wanna know what Aiden’s been doing? Huh? Do ya?

Riding elephants, swimming with dolphins, skurfing, eating exotic fruits, shopping like a beyatch…. He’s on holiday, the lucky little bastich: his best friend invited him to travel to Singapore with his family, and that’s where he’s been ensconced in an umpteen-star resort on the coast for the last week.

I’m as jealous as hell, particularly as it’s been pretty much constant downpour here in exotic frikkin Clarkson since his departure. But he is, by all accounts, having the time of his life, and he deserves it– his school grades are excellent, he’s brilliant to have around the house, he’s a fantastic brother and son, and even with the 20+ year age gap I’d consider him one of my funniest and most articulate friends notwithstanding the special nature of our Bonus son/father relationship. He’s an amazing kid, and deserves an amazing adventure.

Of course, I’ve still turned all his furniture backwards in his room and hidden dead fish in his underwear drawer. Some things are traditional……

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