Okay, I’m as prepared as I’m going to be. Let’s get this over with. Kung Fu Panda…… urgh, aaaggghh…. for a….. movie…..ooomph…. with Jack….. aaaargggghhhh…. Jack Black….. oh, go, oh it hurts…… Jack Black in it……. ooohhhh, aaahhhh…….. doesn’t…… oh my goddd……. doesn’t suck.

There……… I said it. Can I go now?

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  1. Oh, you’ve no idea what it costs me to say that about a Jack Black movie- an actor who rivals only Adam Sandler and Mike Meyers for inspiring within me a reaction of utter loathing and revulsion…


  2. Lee, I had the same issue. I was getting eerily attracted to seeing said movie but the Panda (or his voice) was being a drawback, not drawcard.Plus I couldn't handle seeing with many small children (long story). So, the universe smiled upon me & a 10pm session (an Asian date session) with my boys we saw! It was frickin hilarious (though my fave is still Dustin's character….)


  3. I could never bring myself to <>recommend<> a Jack Black film, but if you wanted to see a funny animated movie with Dustin Hoffman, Jacki Chan, and Michael Clarke Duncan in it, I might 🙂


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