The Remix My Lit project is entering into its final phase. Whilst you can still remix the stories at the website (and so you should), August 30th will see the whole thing climax at a killer live remixing event as part of the Festival of Melbourne.

Guests at the festival have been invited to bring their laptop or mobile phone and be part of a live multimedia remix event at Federation Square, where they can freely remix your work.

Remixers will find copies of the stories on the day or can access them in advance at the website – they can re-imagine and remix them – and then send the remixed short story to a mobile phone number. Using the Fed Sq SMS TV system the RML team will be publishing this flash fiction on the big screen at Federation Square as part of a live A/V set by “.M.”

Readings of the original stories have also been recorded by .M. and will be incorporated into her set, which will also feature video images inspired by the stories.

All works created on the day will be posted to the Remix My Lit website and considered for publication in an upcoming, associated, print anthology.

If you are going to be in Melbourne for the festival we would love to see you at the event:

Date: Saturday 30 August 2008
Time: 3.30pm – 4.30pm
Venue: Federation Square – The Big Screen in the Plaza

For more info visit the official MWF program:


Okay, the KSP have placed the list of winners up on their website, so I can now officially congratulate everyone who copped a gong in this year’s SF Awards.

So, slaps on the back and warm manly hugs to:

Shire of Mundaring National Young Writers Awards

1st Prize: Violet Macdonald (TAS) The Last Words
2nd Prize: Michael Greif (WA) Target

Highly Commended:
Rebecca Doyle (WA) Rebellion

Stephanie Wong (WA) Traffic
Lachlan Dally (ACT) The Witch

Open Section

1st Prize: Eleanor Marney (VIC) The Self-Sufficient Gardener
2nd Prize: Luke Johnson (NSW) A Fish on Sunday

Highly Commended:
Monica Carroll (ACT) Documentation version 1.0.0 for Cartesian Family Harmony
Jason Fischer (SA) The Imogen Effect

Bella Anderson (VIC) Treasure
Felicity Bloomfield (ACT) Tentacles all the Way
Laura E Goodin (NSW) Mooncalf

You can read my full report here, if you wish.


I’ve been amiss in not mentioning this so far, but an online auction is currently underway to help the Paul Haines Relief Fund.

As you know, Paul has cancer, and the treatment he faces is going to cost upwards of $20K, money he just doesn’t have. So far, SF community efforts have raised 80% of the money needed, and now Art That Scares You has been set up to help raise the rest.

I’ve donated a signed copy of Through Soft Air, Lyn’s donated her last copy of the rare Luscious-edited ASIM 11 (containing Paul’s story Hamlyn, it sold out in first run and to the best of my knowledge there are no more available), and a gajillion others have pledged novels, collections, artwork, manuscript assessment, blankets, soup, and a small child called Colin.

Get into it. The auction is online until 28th August. You can win yourself something cool and help Paul win his battle at the same time. It’s noble, with added booty!


A lovely afternoon was spent by the Battfam this afternoon: Luscious and the littlies accompanied me to the Katharine Susannah Prichard Writer’s Centre where I announced the winners of this year’s SF Awards. Apart from catching up with some old pals in the forms of Satima Flavell Neist, Helen Venn and Chris Oakley, it was great to see several winners in the Junior section turn up to receive their awards.

I’m not certain that all winners (many were from other states, including every einner in the Open section) has been notified of their placing, so I’ll hold off from listing everyone here until I get the all clear, but my warmest congratulations to all concerned, and thanks to the KSP for giving me the opportunity to be a part of this competition again. It was a fantastic experience, and a lovely occasion today. I’ll be more than happy to be a part of it again any time.