I’ve always like Pat Rothfuss. Way back in 2002, when I attended the Writer’s Of The Future workshops in LA, Pat came to my rescue in a big way. Let me ‘splain–

Partway through the week, we wrote a story, and several of them were picked out to be critted by the group. One was a crime story, set south of the US/Mexico border, and, well, it didn’t paint Mexicans in the best of all possible lights. In fact, I thought the damn thing was racist, and showed a very American contempt towards a less affluent and tertiary production-based culture. And I said so. Now, the workshop had 17 participants. I’m from Australia. Tom Brennan was Liverpudlian. And Seppo Kurki was a Finnish guy living in Japan. Guess where everyone else came from?

I was rounded on in no uncertain terms. All the arguments came out (including that old classic, the “You don’t understand, they’re just like that” line of reasoning). Things got heated, and I took some comments I wouldn’t take in a place I can walk home from. When we broke for lunch, everyone zigged, and I zagged. The last thing I wanted was to be around the group that had delivered such a verbal mauling (One of my over-riding memories of the week was just how personal that argument became, and how quickly) Had one of the co-ordinaters offered us a spare plane ticket at that point, I would have been gone.

Pat caught me up about a street and a half away. He steered me to a little Mexican cafe where we ate some truly awful burritos, drank several gallons of Coke, and he sat and listened to me be upset, cheered me up, made me laugh, and just generally acted like the adorable and lovely-natured pal that all who meet him immediately know him to be. I went back after lunch, and though the week wasn’t as it had been before, I got through it and came home at the right time.

Since then, Pat’s gone on to bigger things. He’s an award winner, author of the oodles-selling Kingkiller Chronicles, listed in various Year’s Best Reads-type lists, is widely announced as ‘One To Watch’ and generally considered a warm and sensitive lover by all.

You might have guessed by now: I have huge respect for the guy.

Until I saw this photo 🙂

You know that joke about “But you fuck one goat”? Dude, you’re a furry! :)))))


  1. Yeah, you're right. Nobody would mock furries just because they look silly >:)But, you know, if it'll make you feel better, I also mock fat guys in business suits and, more often that anything, myself.


  2. Pat, that picture is a classic. I was immediately overcome with such an urge to hang out with you and be silly and have fun.Sigh. I’m such a long way way from the centre of the Universe….


  3. Smells like PC in here. 😛Not like a critical view can ever be taken of Mexicans. All the times Americans aren’t painted in the best of all possible lights and are shown contempt (which is darn near constantly) is very racist. That’s playing it fair across the @ the picture.


  4. I’m sure a critical view can be taken of anybody. That’s not the point of the anecdote. The point was that the story was <>racist<>, and whether or not you like what’s said about Americans (much of which can be viewed that way), it in no way stops that story being racist. Raising the spectre of racism against other national groups is just a straw man.On a more general note, if you’re going to be inflammatory, netiquette generally asks that you have the spine to stand behind your comments– ie, put a name to them. Otherwise, it’s just too easy to dismiss you as a troll.


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